/ screening rules

  • By uploading photos every user accepts the fact, that those photos will be screended by / team.
  • Screening results determines weather uploaded photo will be rejected or accepted to the gallery.
  • Each photo will be accpted after receiving three positive screeners votes.
  • Each photo will be rejected after receiving first negative screeners vote.
  • Once a photo will receive three positive or at least one negative vote it goes to the database check phase. At this time even photo with positive votes, but with incorrect or incomplete data in photo description can be rejected. This phase is automatically skipped for all photos with correct and full data and only positive votes from the screeners.
  • Photo rejection can be appealed - your appeal will be screened again by the head screener or gallery owner.
  • Decission made after photo appeal is final and irrevocable.
  • The screening voting is a negative selection. It means that we look for quality flaws listed in pt.9 If we do not find any, photo gets positive vote. If we find at least one flaw photo will get negative vote.
  • Rejection reasons list:
      The difference between the dark and the highlighted areas of the picture is too high (high contrast) or too low (low contrast).
      Uploaded photo is either over or underexposed.
      Photo lacks sharpness. It can be caused by wrong focus or poor lighting conditions.
    • BLURRY
      Photographed object has moved in the frame while photo was taken.
    • SOFT
      Photo lacks sharpening. Usually it is possible to sharpen such photo in post processing to reach acceptable level.
      Photo was sharpened too much. Usually visible on jagged lines on the photographed object and bright halo effect in high contrast areas.
      Object is not in the middle of the frame. You shlould try to place the aircraft fuselage in the middle of the frame. Free space above, below, on the right side and on the left side should be silimar. If composition shows clear photographers motivation we will be flexible in this matter.
      The horizon on uploaded photos should alwyas be leveled and all vertical lines in real life should remain so on the photo.
      Object too far. Depicted aicraft should use as many frame space as possible. Exceptions are possible when frame copmosition justifies one
    • NOISE
      Photo suffers from high amount of noise. This is mostly caused by high ISO settinga and low noise reduction in post processing.
      Used post processing exceeded our standards. It is not welcomed to use extensive cloning, parameters correction, color cast, exposure correction etc. Photos generated using HDR technique should have proper remark in photo description otherwise it will be rejected.
      There can be many issues with the photo which apply to this rejection reason. Each time we will write detailed comment what is wrong.
      Photo is generally of bad quality. In may be result of poor equipment, optical aberrations, poor weather conditions etc.
    • COLOR
      Too much or too low saturation. Wrong color shade (wrong white balance or picture taken through window glass).
      If at least 5 previously accepted photos were in the same angle/framing photo may be rejected.
      Dust spots on the photo (caused by dirty CMOS sensor, or lens dirt). We will let you now where exaclty we have spotted them.
      Every other reason with personal notice from screeners.
  • In case of photo rejection we will provide you at least one rejection reason.
  • We try to find all quality flaws of each photo and we try to post every rejection reason in remarks under rejected photo.
  • Screening process is anonymous. Screeners can't see any personal details of the photographer.
  • Screener can't vote for his own photos.
  • Photos go through the screening process in upload order. The only exception is made for photos with Hot Photo category marked.
  • Every user can see the screening queue and each uploaded photo status at any time.